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Georgia officials point to April 1 kickstart date for reviewing Medicaid eligibility

The state Department of Human Services is asking Medicaid recipients to update their contact information.

ATLANTA — Georgia officials are continuing to ask Medicaid recipients to update their contact information ahead of a review process beginning April 1 that will redetermine eligibility for the 2.7 million people in the state under the program's umbrella.

Under a federal spending bill passed in December, a pandemic public health emergency provision to guarantee continued Medicaid coverage for those participating in the program - even if their eligibility changed - will expire at the end of March.

That will result in states - including Georgia - beginning to review eligibility for their citizens using Medicaid. For many, this review will determine they are no longer eligible and will result in their loss of Medicaid coverage.

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Georgia is urging participants in Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids to update contact information in one of three ways:

"DHS will continue communicating with Medicaid and Peach Care for Kids® members via U.S. mail or email, though email provides the fastest delivery of key information," a DHS release said. "Additionally, DHS has ramped up its proactive outreach to Medicaid members with robocall and text message reminders." 

In a statement, DHS Commissioner Candice Broce said many participants on the Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids programs have already responded with updated contact information.

 "We’re urging everyone to confirm their best contact information right away and be sure to make updates in Gateway when making any life changes like moving, changing phone numbers, or email addresses," said Broce. 

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The looming changes to federal Medicaid policy come as Georgia has recently won a long political and legal battle to add a work requirement to Medicaid eligibility for expansion. While the work requirement would apply to new Medicaid recipients under Gov. Brian Kemp's expansion program, it's unclear if it would also extend to people who have already been on Medicaid.
Georgia's full Plan for Unwinding Continuous Medicaid Coverage 


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