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Northwest Health announces new technology to help detect lung cancer

Northwest Medical Center's Bentonville campus is now offering robotic-assisted and minimally invasive biopsies of the lung to help better detect lung cancer.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Northwest Health announced that it will now offer biopsies using robotic assistance to aid in lung cancer detection. 

A biopsy involves the sampling of tissue obtained from a specific area of the body. The tissue is examined under a microscope to determine if diseases like cancer are present. 

According to Northwest Health's press release, the biopsy is minimally invasive and physicians can obtain tissue samples from deep within the lung while still maintaining stability and precision. 

“This new technology helps address a challenging aspect of lung biopsy by enabling us to obtain tissue samples from deep within the lung,” said Dr. Jason Bailey, pulmonologist at Northwest Pulmonology – Bentonville. The system features an ultra-thin, ultra maneuverable catheter that allows navigation far into the peripheral lung and also stability enabling the precision we need for biopsies.

For more information on Northwest Health's new detection technology, click here

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