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Nursing homes taking steps to ward off flu among most vulnerable potential patients

The best way to keep them safe is to keep them away from the germs that pass the virus completely.

When flu season comes around, two groups are always in more danger of the virus: Young children and the elderly.

The Centers for Disease Control reports this year, there have been 63 pediatric deaths linked to the flu nation-wide. But the highest hospitalization rate belongs to the elderly.

So, how do you keep your loved ones safe?

When it comes to the elderly, preparation is key. The best way to keep them safe is to keep them away from the germs that pass the virus, completely.

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11Alive's Christie Etheridge visited A.G. Rhodes nursing home, the oldest one in Atlanta, to find out what they're doing to keep the most vulnerable potential flu patients safe.

The nursing home serves about 1,100 patients each year. Each year, they're prepared for when flu season rolls around. But if you've stopped by the facility recently, the first thing you'd see is a sign saying "stop," warning all who aren't feeling well to stay away.

There are also hand sanitizer stations all over, as well as masks for people to wear. All employees are also required to get the flu shot.

But even with all that, it's still a hard task to stave off the flu.

"While we have had some cases of the flu, we really have been able to contain those cases. which is really a testament to our staff and to people in the community, who, if they don’t feel well, they’re staying home," said Dr. Andi Shane.