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Planned Parenthood app expands to Central Texas

The "Planned Parenthood Direct" app allows users to get birth control prescriptions and be diagnosed and receive treatment for UTIs on their phones.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Planned Parenthood Direct app has expanded its access to Central Texans. The app allows women to obtain prescriptions for birth control, amongst other services, at any time in the palm of their hands.

Planned Parenthood Direct will allow women to get prescription for birth control pills, the patch and the ring. They can also be diagnosed and receive treatment for urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

So, how does it work?

It's simple.

  • Download the app, select what service they are looking for, like birth control UTI treatment or finding a nearby clinic
  • Fill out some information about yourself
  • Add payment and shipping information
  • Allow up to one business day for a response from a clinician


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There are no appointments required and app users will get the same quality birth control and UTI care available at Planned Parenthood Health Centers. Shipping for the service is free.

The app is currently active in 25 states.

 After controversies across the state regarding Planned Parenthood, the company said this app has been particularly popular among busy working moms, young professionals, college students away from home and patients living in remote areas.

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