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Tech students attacked by rabid fox on campus ... the fox has not been captured

Another student also encountered a fox days after the rabid one was captured and tested.

Georgia Tech has put out a warning regarding a rabid animal found on campus.

A week earlier, officials said two students were attacked by a fox on the path behind Georgia Tech's molecular science and engineering (MOSE) building, not far from the campus track and field facility. The animal has since been captured and tested positive for rabies.

Another student reported an encounter with a fox the following weekend in the same area. That fox hasn't been captured and may not be the only one.

Georgia Tech has since asked the students and others to stay away from area behind the MOSE building and the path to the track facility out of an abundance of caution.

Credit: Georgia Tech
Area where foxes were found

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources will have a field officer on the campus to help capture any additional foxes.  Until they are all captured, Georgia Tech officials have warned anyone on campus to take precautions - or immediate action if attacked.

"It is critically important to seek medical treatment after an encounter with a potentially rabid animal," Georgia Tech announced in a statement. "Early symptoms of rabies in humans are non-specific and may include fever, headache and fatigue."

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They added that they can progress to difficulty swallowing, paralysis and even death if left untreated. Those symptoms may only begin setting in at the last stage of illness meaning early detection is crucial.

Anyone who spots a fox on Georgia Tech's campus is urged to call the campus police at 404-894-2500.