ATLANTA — There are some surprising search habits being revealed about the top health inquiries on Google from each state in the U.S.

In places like New York and New Jersey, it’s breast cancer. In Washington state, it’s body dysmorphia and in West Virginia, it’s porn addiction.

And while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says HIV has become an epidemic, so has, surprisingly, syphilis – to the point that the sexually transmitted disease is now the No.1 health inquiry searched on Google in the state.

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But the list of STD concerns is growing.

The staff at Someone Cares Early Detection Intervention Clinic in Marietta treats and educates those suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.

Those medical experts also tell 11Alive they’re not just worried about syphilis numbers going up, but also those for Chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Dr. Earl Joyer has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years now. He says because of major advances in medicine, more people are now living normal lives with HIV, leading to some unanticipated consequences.

"There's a lot less fear about HIV, now,” he explains.

But he believes it's creating a syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia “tsunami” across the country. That, in turn, Joyner says is leading people to take fewer precautions and using less protection because they believe they can be fixed with a pill or a needle.

And while the needles needed for treatment are big, Joyner says neither they, nor the fears, are big enough to keep people from giving up protected sex.

He explains some patients come back to his office several times a year to get the pill or shot because of a false sense of security. But he warns that that way of thinking can be risky.

"We still have some non-curables, like Hepatitis B, herpes and HPV," Joyner says.

Despite the recent climbing STD numbers, clinic staff is continuing to push their campaign of safe sex education.

"No matter how beautiful or fine, or how much you like them, you treat everybody as if they have an STD that can't be cured,” recommends nurse practitioner Sharee Clark.

What medical conditions is your state Googling?

LIST | Top searched health concern by state (story continues below the gallery)

Here is the rest of the list:

  1. Alaska - UTI
  2. Arizona - Hashimoto's Disease
  3. Arkansas - Endometriosis
  4. California - Syphilis
  5. Colorado - Syphilis
  6. Connecticut - Quarter-Life Crisis
  7. DC - HIV/AIDS
  8. Delaware - Hypertension
  9. Florida - HIV/AIDS
  10. Georgia - Syphilis
  11. Hawaii - Hashimoto's Disease
  12. Idaho - E.coli
  13. Illinois - Syphilis
  14. Indiana - ADHD
  15. Iowa - Binge Drinking
  16. Kansas - Diabetes
  17. Kentucky - Hepatitis A
  18. Louisiana - HIV/AIDS
  19. Maine - Rabies
  20. Maryland - ADHD
  21. Massachusetts - ADHD
  22. Michigan - Endometriosis
  23. Minnesota - Hemorrhoids
  24. Mississippi - Genital Herpes
  25. Missouri - ADHD
  26. Montana - Hypertension
  27. Nebraska - Anorexia
  28. Nevada - Skin Cancer
  29. New Hampshire - ADHD
  30. New Jersey - Breast Cancer
  31. New Mexico - PTSD
  32. New York - Breast Cancer
  33. North Carolina - ADHD
  34. North Dakota - Ear Infection
  35. Ohio - Syphilis
  36. Oklahoma - Diabetes
  37. Oregon - HIV/AIDS
  38. Pennsylvania - Syphilis
  39. Rhode Island - Lupus
  40. South Carolina - Endometriosis
  41. South Dakota - Insomnia
  42. Tennessee - Strep Throat
  43. Texas - ADHD
  44. Utah - Hashimoto's Disease
  45. Vermont - Opioid Use Disorder
  46. Virginia - ADHD
  47. Washington - Body Dysmorphia
  48. West Virginia - Porn Addiction
  49. Wisconsin - ADHD
  50. Wyoming - Flu