Dozens of new laws go into effect in Georgia on Saturday.

The Campus Carry law is the highest profile of the new laws. Beginning July 1, guns will be allowed on any campus in the state's public college and university system. There will still be some places on campus where guns will be banned. If a high school student is in the class, no weapons are allowed. It is the responsibility of the gun owner to know the rules. More on the law.

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Other laws taking effect on July 1:

* Senate Bill 16 -- This bill expands medical marijuana in Georgia. The bill expands the conditions eligible for treatment with cannabis oil, which is derived from marijuana. Click here for details.

* House Bill 338 -- This bill gives the state the power to step in if a school is underperforming. They'll assign a Chief Turnaround Officer to intervene. If the school continues to do poorly, the state can convert it to a charter school.

* House Bill 1 -- The law attempts to entice private companies trying to get into the space business to come to Georgia for their launches and landings. The bill, which aims to protect the space industry from lawsuits by presumed space tourists, was considered "must-pass" legislation in order to draw more commercial companies to the Georgia coast. Click here for the details.

* House Bill 481 -- This law regulates drone launches and landings in the state.

* DUI Law -- Those convicted of driving while under the influence could be required to use a device that could stop them from starting their car. The ignition interlock device requires drivers to blow into it to start the car, and then they have to do it every few minutes after that. Click here for more details.

* SB 160 -- The "Back the Badge Act" increases penalties for certain laws against public safety officers.

Gov. Nathan Deal signed dozens of others laws after this year's legislative session, many of which take effect July 1. Click here for the complete list.

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