WAYNESBORO, Ga. -- A fight between high school girls that started on Facebook got physical on Tuesday when one of the girls threw and hit another student with a knife.

According to Burke County Sheriff's Office, four girls began physically fighting inside the Burke County High School gym at around 9:45 a.m. The Sheriff's office said the fight was broken up immediately but not before "one young lady pulled out a knife and threw it at one of the other girls."

That knife reportedly struck the victim in the back. Burke County said, all that "was needed was a band aid after being seen by the nurse and no injuries were reported by any others involved."

At least one of the teen girls was charged after the fight.

The school does have metal detectors but the sheriff's office said, "you must balance between safety, security, and the rights of all individuals. Metal detectors and other precautions help but even airports with high tech equipment and many trained personnel can't prevent all incidents."

They also said the situation could have been prevented by someone stepping forward to report what they saw on social media and encouraged parents to speak with their students about making the right decisions on social media.