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Coca-Cola went public 100 years ago - one share bought in 1919 would make you a multimillionaire today

The Atlanta History Center wrote on Monday that today marks 100 years since Coca-Cola's first public stock offering.

ATLANTA — A single share of stock can make you rich, provided you have a hundred years to hold onto it.

Coca-Cola went public 100 years ago today, according to the Atlanta History Center, and if you were around to snag a share at $40 (and held onto it to keep reinvesting dividends), it would be worth about $10 million today.

While the soft drink was created in 1886, according to Coca-Cola’s official history, it took another few decades for it to mature into a company ready to go public.

Just a few years after the introduction of Coca-Cola’s signature bottle shape, the company was sold to a group of investors led by Ernest Woodruff, the father of Robert W. Woodruff, for $25 million.

And on Aug. 26th, 1919, Coca-Cola went public, according to the Atlanta History Center. It would go on to be one of the biggest, and most iconic, beverage companies in the world.

“Cheers to 100+ years of enjoying Atlanta’s favorite soft drink!” Atlanta History Center wrote on Facebook.


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