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History in the making: Local museum wants to hear your experience during the coronavirus pandemic

Atlanta History Center launches Corona Collective

ATLANTA — The Atlanta History Center has created a new campaign it hopes will help us describe and record, collectively, how we will remember the coronavirus pandemic - something that may very well alter the course of modern history.

The center has launched a new campaign called the "Corona Collective." The idea is for anyone to submit their memories of social distancing, the shelter in place order or anything detailing a personal experience with the coronavirus.

"This event is impacting all of us and changing all of us, and to be able to show that to generations in the future," said Michael Rose, executive vice president for collections and exhibitions. 

"It's not just 'The Great Man' sort of history, it's the stories of everyday lives," Rose said. "Because it's the everyday people, all of us, every single one of us, that make up history."

The history center wants your photos, videos, and texts. Interview a family member or a neighbor - from six feet away. Share your blog entries, journal pages, or social media posts. Once social distancing is over and it is safe to interact again, Rose said they'll also want physical memories. 

"One of our staff members has promised to donate the teddy bears that she has been putting in her window for the neighborhood children," said Rose. "I have my pump of hand sanitizer I will donate."

Nothing is too small or unimportant, Rose said. 

"Of course, when you're telling the story of this pandemic, one of the artifacts we will have on display under glass just like in any other major display, is a roll of toilet paper," he added.

You can submit your digital memories online, by visiting the Atlanta History Center

And if you're looking for something to explore while stuck at home, the history center is also offering online exhibitions as part of the "Museums at Home" collaboration with fellow Atlanta museums. You can explore "Atlanta in 50 Objects," "Voices Across the Color Line," and the history of the Cyclorama.


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