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'Their suffering doesn't stop,' victims' parents say after former Georgia pre-school teacher sentenced on molestation charges

Alex Tredway, 18, was convicted of abusing five children at Bright Beginnings day care and pre-school.

JACKSON COUNTY, Ga. — A former Georgia day care and pre-school teacher, who was convicted of molesting multiple children, was sentenced to life in prison Monday. 

Alex Tredway, 18, pleaded guilty to 12 counts in Jackson County Court. The charges against him included sodomy and child molestation. 

Tredway worked at Bright Beginnings in Jefferson, just northwest of Athens, where he is accused of sexually abusing five children between the ages of 4 and 7. Tredway started working at the preschool last year. 

Police arrested him earlier this year after two parents came forward with accusations their children were being abused

"January 7 is the day that my world stopped turning. My 6-year-old daughter came home, curled up in our arms like she did as a toddler and she told me that a day care teacher kissed her," said one parent.  

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Parents and grandparents gave impact statements in court Monday detailing the agony their family endures today because of this abuse. 11Alive is not naming the family members to protect the identities of the children. 

"There is absolutely nothing we can do to restore the innocence of our sweet child. Knowing that her purity has been tainted because he couldn't suppress the innate evil in his mind and in his heart," said a father. 

"Mr. Tredway's actions have destroyed my daughters," one mother said. "Their suffering doesn't stop when this case is closed. My girls will carry this trauma forever."

In court, Tredway said he was sorry and asked the judge for mercy. He said he pleaded guilty to take responsibility for what he did. 

The judge called Tredway a "wolf let loose in the daycare," but he acknowledged Tredway's age and probability he could be rehabilitated. For those reasons, the judge sentenced Tredway to life plus 20 years with eligibility for parole after 30 years in prison. 

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