Note: This blog from Jeremy Campbell was written prior to the Charlie Foxtrot event in Washington, D.C. on December 5, 2016.

When we started making Charlie Foxtrot, I wanted to start a movement. You have to think big, right?

I was fueled by tales of legendary journalist who changed the world (Spotlight, All the Presidents Men and basically all things Edward R Murrow). That's what I wanted to do - tell the story in a way that would help our service members get the benefits that were promised. We'd spark a revolution in Washington.

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In the midst of my reporter-dreams of grandeur, I couldn't know what was about to happen: the people we interviewed became the ones helping me.

On Monday we will all gather in Washington, together as a group for the first time. Our mission is to storm Capitol Hill. I can't reveal the battle plan just yet... but I want you to get to know our platoon.

Meet "Troop Charlie Foxtrot."