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Georgia's emergency dispatchers will now learn how to give CPR instructions over the phone

Gov. Brian Kemp signed the bill into law.

ATLANTA — Gov. Brian Kemp has signed a new life-saving bill into law.

With a stroke of his pen, Kemp enacted Senate Bill 505, which will require every emergency dispatcher to go through annual CPR instruction training.

The law comes after a series of 11Alive investigations revealed that 80 Georgia 911 centers were not able to give CPR instructions, including Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. 

The world's busiest airport now employs emergency medical dispatchers after the investigations came to light. To note, several states and major airports require Emergency Medical Dispatcher certification. 

Georgia will now at least require training for its dispatchers, which in turn, will mean that emergency dispatchers can offer life-saving efforts over the phone.

The American Heart Association of Georgia has brought attention to the issue for several legislative sessions.

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