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5 Roses | Chapter IV: Money runs this town

"The people who are still trying to cover this up, want that to go away... I think the most important thing about this whole thing, is that they're connected. And I think that the way that we'll find out what happened is because they're connected."


According to some bank employees, there is more than meets the eye around personnel matters. And more than one employee would go missing.  

Just a few weeks after Mary Shotwell Little goes missing, Diane Shields takes over her position at Citizen and Southern National Bank, better known as C&S Bank, in October 1965.

But that isn’t the only thing that connects the two women who never meet each other.

Both Shields and Little receive mysterious phone calls at work and at home.

Both receive roses from an unknown sender.

Both share a roommate in common.

The women’s demises will forever link them to a 1960’s Atlanta and the women who lived in fear for years to follow.

11Alive Investigative Digital Journalist, Jessica Noll, has spent the last year digging into Mary Shotwell Little's and Diane Shields' 50-year-old cold cases to find out if their cases are connected in the seven-chapter podcast series: 5 Roses.

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5 Roses is part of Gone Coldan ongoing digital series, where Noll investigates some of the most infamous and lesser-known cold cases in Georgia. She's digging for answers for the still-grieving families who long for them, and for the victims who have never found their justice.

Dig deeper into the investigation at www.11Alive.com/FiveRoses.

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Credit: 5 Roses Podcast