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'I didn't want to die' | People, organizations, cities work to help people find housing

Through several programs, people -- and even the City of Athens -- have pushed to end homelessness. But many of these solutions require more hard cold cash.

Kristin Crowley ((11Alive)), Rebecca Lindstrom, Makayla Richards

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Published: 6:42 PM EST November 11, 2022
Updated: 4:54 PM EST December 20, 2022

Finding permanent solutions for people without homes has been a struggle locally and nationwide. And through different programs and willing people, some resolutions are coming about. 

There are many nonprofits and people ready to help those without housing. And even a city in Georgia has opened a legal encampment for people to live until they are ready to find a permanent place.

Through all this work, everyone working to end homelessness agrees that it requires funding, and more than any of them are allocated now. 

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