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'I never said that. You’re lying right now.' | Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks with voters, journalists on campaign trail

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene invited 11Alive and other journalists to join her for a day on her campaign trail.

ROME, Ga. — She’s one of the most controversial members of Congress and she lives right here in Georgia. In a rare move, Marjorie Taylor Greene invited 11Alive and other journalists to join her for a day on the campaign trail.  

Marjorie Taylor Greene is known to butt heads with members of the media, but the congresswoman said she wanted us there to see the real her. 

11Alive investigators spent 14 hours traveling the 14th District, from Rome to Ringgold. But before we got to talk to Greene about her campaign, we talked to her voters.  


“What have you been happiest with, with Marjorie Taylor Greene as a congressional leader for this district?” we asked.  “Wanting to impeach Biden,” voter Edwin Bramlett said.

Credit: WXIA

“A lot of people say she’s ineffective, but I think she’s been the most effective,” said Butch Garrett, who co-owns Linda’s Restaurant in Rockmart, which was one of the campaign stops.    

11Alive asked Garrett why he thinks Rep. Greene is the most effective.

“Well, making sure people know how their elected officials vote,” he said.

Another voter, Bernie Ritterbush said, “She’s not been able to do much because of how the rest of congress has dealt with her."

“The fact that they want to cancel her so bad means that she is rustling just the right amount of feathers,” added voter Deana Welchel.  


When Greene went to cast her ballot, 11Alive asked Rep. Greene about ruffling people’s feathers.  

“They’re not used to someone being forthright and willing to say it but here’s the thing, it needs to be said,” Rep. Greene said.  

Credit: WXIA

Just a few minutes later, we got a taste of her approach when another journalist asked this question: “When you talk about Jewish financial institutions funding lasers that are used to start forest fires,” he said.  

“I never said that. You’re lying right now. You’re lying. Nope, nope, you’re lying. Stop right now,” Rep. Greene rebutted.  

Rep. Greene struck a different tone with a voter who asked about similar comments.  

“You cast disparaging things against the Jewish community,” voter Alex Boyle said.

“No sir, I did not,” Rep. Greene responded.  

“You suggested a space laser,” he said.  

“No sir, I have not,” she reiterated.  

Boyle said his whole life, he’s voted Republican.  

“No more," Boyle said. "For the first time, I picked up a Democratic primary ballot today."

Boyle said he’s frustrated with Rep. Greene’s rhetoric and values and didn’t support her policies.  


11Alive asked Rep. Greene what policies she wants to enact if she won a second term.  

“I think our border is definitely number one," she said. "Right now, the open border, the amount of people that are steadily coming across, is something that we have got to jump on right away."

Credit: WXIA

Georgia is not a border state. However, she focused a lot on immigration. Most voters told 11Alive that the topic that’s top of mind for them is the economy.   

“The most important thing that’s affecting us right now is the grocery store,” voter Jennifer Garrett said.  

Garrett said she’s confident a red wave is coming to address that issue, a wave she said she believes Rep. Greene will ride into a second term.

“I think she truly cares about the people of Georgia, and I mean she’s not just a typical politician,” Garrett said.  

It’s clear Greene isn’t a typical politician.

She referred to President Biden as “President Butter Beans” in front of a crowd of supporters, who responded with uproarious laughter. By the sounds of it, she has their vote. 

11Alive will find out if the rest of the 14th District feels the same when they hit the polls.

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