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Local police not told accused rapist & kidnapper from Tennessee living in Georgia while on bond

A former massage therapist awaiting trial for rape and kidnapping was allowed to move from Nashville to Metro Atlanta. Local police were not informed.

Brendan Keefe

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Published: 11:02 PM EST February 25, 2022
Updated: 12:02 AM EST February 26, 2022

Diana Eidson had no idea the man texting her was not who he said he was.

“At first he called himself Isaac Miller,” she said. “Then, it was Isaac Men.”

But his real name is Tarek Mentouri. He's currently awaiting trial on 21 counts in Nashville including rape, kidnapping, criminal impersonation and sexual battery while working as a massage therapist.

“He insisted that he really wanted to give me a massage,” Eidson told 11Alive's Chief Investigator Brendan Keefe. "[Mentouri] wanted to come to my house to do this because he said that his place wasn’t ready yet."

Mentouri had been a licensed massage therapist in Tennessee and Georgia, and most of the sex crimes for which he is indicted allegedly occurred during massages in his home studio in Nashville. 

His massage license was revoked by the state of Tennessee after a series of investigative reports by WSMV Channel 4, the NBC affiliate in Nashville. WSMV Chief Investigator Jeremy Finley interviewed several women and filed the series of stories that led to Mentouri’s indictments. 

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