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Videos show alleged rape. Six years later, Ga. man still not even questioned by police

She says she was raped. She knows the man. There's video evidence. Six years later, police haven't even questioned him.

Lindsey Basye, Kristin Crowley

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Published: 10:37 PM EDT June 11, 2021
Updated: 5:06 PM EDT August 18, 2021

A Cherokee County woman who reported she was raped more than six years ago says she’s fed up with investigators. The man she accused of raping her has never been questioned even though she says she has it all caught on camera. 

11Alive's investigative team, The Reveal, uncovered potential mistakes and oversights that could be the reason this case remains unsolved.

He was wanted for questioning, but police investigators said they have been unable to locate him. But our investigation found that not only is he still living in Cherokee County, but he has been pulled over by the same department allegedly looking for him. 

This story isn’t easy to hear, and it certainly isn’t easy to tell, but it’s a story one woman is brave enough to share.

“There are no words to explain it but just horror,” she said.

We’re hiding her identity for her protection.

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