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Johns Creek confidential | A sexual harassment scandal was just the beginning

11Alive’s records requests following the confidential payout to a former police chief resulted in a massive investigation, costing three ranking officers their jobs.

Brendan Keefe

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Published: 11:09 PM EST November 23, 2021
Updated: 12:41 AM EST November 24, 2021

A routine request for public records by 11Alive’s Reveal investigative team resulted in a massive, multi-agency investigation that ended the careers of three ranking Johns Creek Police officers.

The lieutenant, sergeant, and corporal had been researching police pursuits they believed were questionable. 11Alive requested records from two of those pursuits the day after the supervisors had logged into the system looking for those same files.

While investigative reporters never reveal our sources, we can confirm that none of these three men gave us the information. The first we heard from any of them was in late January when Corporal Duane Ferree emailed 11Alive Chief Investigator Brendan Keefe to tell us he’d been fired for leaking information to us.

Ferree and Lieutenant Robert Russo were both terminated. Sergeant Michael Koorey resigned while under investigation.

Our source was completely anonymous. She never gave us her name.

Ultimately, Johns Creek focused on a prime suspect — a police department secretary who was suing the city and its former police chief for sexual harassment.

Credit: 11Alive
From left to right: Corporal Duane Ferree, Sgt. Michael Koorey, and Lieutenant Robert Russo.

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