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Recording: 'I don't want my people sitting with my d***** enemies,' Towns County Sheriff says of Hiawassee Police

11Alive Investigates obtained new video of the Towns County Sheriff arguing with another driver and uncovered accusations against him from a former employee.

HIAWASSEE, Ga. — Millions watched the heated confrontation between a Georgia sheriff and police sergeant.

"You get on my traffic stop again, I will arrest you!” Hiawassee Police Sgt. Tracy James told Towns County Sheriff Ken Henderson as the two argued, threatening to arrest each other. 

Now, 11Alive viewers are coming forward saying there's more where that came from.  

11Alive Investigates obtained new video of the Towns County sheriff arguing with another driver. We also uncovered accusations against the sheriff from a former employee and a secret recording in which the sheriff refers to Hiawassee police as "the enemy."

"You could very well be in great shape here if you quit running your mouth!" Sheriff Ken Henderson is heard on video taken by Joshua Cramer.  

Cramer told 11Alive Investigates his family was on their way to church in May when a black SUV tried to get into their lane.   

"I had to slam on my brakes, so I threw my hands up," Cramer recalled. "I didn't know it was a cop until he was in front of me."  

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Henderson wasn't in a squad car and he wasn't in uniform. He pulled Cramer over with flashing police lights in his unmarked car.  

Cramer said he started recording when he felt the situation going south.

"It was right after he come up and said, 'let's see if we can't get you a ticket,'" Cramer said. "Me and the wife both had a gut feeling this is wrong. This isn't how this is supposed to go."

Cramer said he tried to be cooperative during the encounter. 

"My kids are terrified because of the anger that he's putting through the window," he said. "My wife's crying, my baby's starting to cry, all because of I guess throwing up my hands."

The sheriff, who never identified himself, calmed down, Cramer said, after seeing he was being recorded. 

Cramer decided to come forward after seeing the viral video 11Alive investigated following a tip from independent journalist Robin Webb.

"Someone with that much power and that much anger -- we wanted to show the real him," Cramer explained.

Watch: Georgia sheriff and city sergeant threaten to arrest each other

"That's just the way he is"

He's not the only one speaking up. 

A former sheriff's office employee is coming forward -- but asked they remain anonymous since they still live in town and fear retaliation.

"When you saw that video of the sheriff interacting with the police sergeant, did it surprise you?" 11Alive investigators asked the former employee.

"Honestly no," they replied. "Because that's just the way he is. It did not surprise me."

The worker said the sheriff was the main reason they left their job. They also told us the sheriff had a rule not to speak with Hiawassee police.

"He didn't want us socializing with them," they said. "If we were caught socializing with them then we'd be in trouble." 

When asked what sort of trouble, the former employee reiterated that there were consequences.

"We would get, you know, we would get our butts chewed out," they explained. 

11Alive Investigates also obtained a secret recording between the sheriff and some of his employees. In the video, the employees were having lunch with Hiawassee police officers. The sheriff accused them of talking about him behind his back. 

"I'll run this motherf***er by myself before I'll be disrespected by people that work for me, that work for me and disrespect me like that. I've never been so d*** mad in my d***  life," he's heard saying on the recording, which also came from a tip by Webb.

Twenty minutes into the recording, the sheriff is heard calling Hiawassee police his enemies.

"Let me ask you, are you gonna hang out all the time with my enemies?" He went on to say, "I don't want my people sitting with my d***** enemies."

"Something needs to happen"

The former worker said they want the sheriff to be held accountable.

"I always hoped that something could be done about the way he acted because that was very childish and you know, you're supposed to work together with other agencies," they said. "You're not supposed to act like that." 

The only solution the former worker saw was to quit.  

"You couldn't pay me no amount of money to go back there and work," they said.

Meanwhile, Cramer said his solution is to take a different route to church in hopes of avoiding the sheriff and another confrontation.   

"This shouldn't be allowed," Cramer said. "Something needs to happen before something terrible happens in the future."

11Alive Investigates showed Cramer's video to the Towns County attorney, who is speaking on behalf of the sheriff.   

He said the sheriff did nothing illegal in the video. He had no further comment. 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the district attorney were notified about the first video from our initial reporting. Now, it's under investigation. 

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