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The Triangle is growing: The full investigation

Young people are still dying, and not just in our wealthy suburbs

Episode 1: The Triangle Grows

Young people are still dying, and not just in our wealthy suburbs. "The Triangle" has gotten bigger. It's been a year since our team of digital investigators uncovered a startling 4000% increase in heroin-related deaths inside a geographic location identified as “The Triangle”. Today, not only is the loss of life holding at a record high, but the area afflicted by heroin is growing. (Watch Episode One)

Episode 2: The Addiction is Everything

When someone is dependent on heroin, the drug affects more than the user. In this episode, we profile the families of heroin users inside The Triangle to understand how the drug impacts everyone. (Watch Episode Two)

EPISODE 3: Back to Life

Heroin and opioids killed more people in counties inside The Triangle than murders and car accidents combined in 2015. There are two other powerful drugs that are available within The Triangle. One is is even stronger than heroin. The other is an antidote that can save a life after an overdose.

(Click here to watch Episode 3)

EPISODE 4: Redemption

A reality for many heroin users is a felony charge and a long-term prison sentence. For some, that dark hour is the beginning of a bright new life.

(Click here to watch Episode 4)

Faces of the Triangle:


What is The Triangle?

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The Triangle (The investigation that started it all)

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Over the past 18 months,Georgia's medical examiners started working together to streamline reporting of heroin-related deaths. This change is helping our investigators more accurately track the number of deaths linked to heroin from 2015 to present day.

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