The Colorado Department of Transportation has been warning drivers for weeks about the possibility of snow on the roads. You’ve probably seen their Game of Thrones-themed signs around the state cluing you in that “winter is coming.”

The problem is that not everybody has been heeding these warnings. Eastbound traffic was at a crawl on last Sunday evening along I-70 near Georgetown because so many people were trying to get home before a winter storm hit the mountains.

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Now, we've got a winter storm headed for the metro area.

Some people 9NEWS spoke with admitted they would not have been stuck in the heavy traffic if they had better prepared.

“We don’t have snow tires on our car,” Lindsey Lecuyer said.

She and her family were spending some time in Frisco and Silverthorne for the weekend and said they might have stayed longer to watch the Denver Broncos beat the Oakland Raiders if they were not worried about the possibility of a snowstorm moving into the area.

“We’re going to have to drive home a little bit earlier,” she said.

Lecuyer told 9NEWS she does have snow tires at home and CDOT is advising that she and other drivers go ahead and put them on their vehicles.

CDOT has already implemented a traction law for Loveland Pass last week. The law states that vehicles must have either snow tires or all-wheel drive. It also says all tires must have at least one-eighth of an inch of tread.

If you’re worried about the tread on your own tires, CDOT has a simple trick you can use. Take a quarter, turn it upside-down and stick it between the tread. If the top of George Washington’s head disappeared then your tires are good to go. If not, it may be time to get some new ones.