VININGS, Ga. — An 84-year-old woman punched and robbed in a Publix parking lot in Cobb County said she's thankful despite her injuries.

Sondra Dillon was the unlikely target of violence Tuesday morning as she pulled into the parking lot to meet a friend. And even as her wounds are still visible, she has been surrounded by a community willing to give her their strength.

"I'm totally overwhelmed by all the kind people who have approached me and wished me well and said that they were thinking of me and praying for me," she said.

It's been a trying few days since the attack happened. And while she still draws a blank regarding some parts of the attack, others are very clear.

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"Backed in and for some reason or another, I got out of the car because I knew that she was arriving imminently," Dillon said. "Less than 20 feet away from my car this other car tries to come by and block me, stopped and he jumped out of the car."

Within a matter of minutes, he allegedly ripped her purse away.

"And the chain must've snapped as it ripped through my arm," she said showing the injury.

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And then, the man punched her in the face. Dillon said she passed out after getting hit.

Surveillance video from the parking lot captured the suspected getaway car and 42-year-old Oluwole Olushola was captured on Friday.

Her purse has since been returned. Dillon said she's received a lot of love from the community since it all happened.

"It can't get me down and I'm just going to keep on moving and do what I do and be where I want to be," she said.


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