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'It's heartbreaking' | Community in shock after 11-year-old hit by car, killed while trick-or-treating

A family is devastated and neighbors are asking for change.

ATLANTA — A family is devastated and a neighborhood is calling for change after a boy was hit and killed by a car while trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Family says 11-year-old Devonne David was with friends when he was hit and killed near East Lake. A resident in the neighborhood says he saw it all and rushed into the street. 

"I had my nephew run in the house to get him a blanket over him and I’m talking to him saying ‘come on little man’ you’re going to be alright," A. Wesley Fulton explained. 

Fulton says family arrived at his house on Monday to say thank you for helping Devonne. 

“They were comforted that someone was able to be there with their child as he was laying there," he said. 

Atlanta Police say it all happened around 8:30 p.m. along Memorial Drive. They say Devonne had been standing on the sidewalk with several other children before crossing the street and getting hit. He was transported to a local hospital where he later died. 

Residents in the area say this isn't the first time they've seen an accident like this.

“The 22-years that I’ve been in the house, I’ve seen some horrific accidents. Head-ons and everything in between," Traci Morgan said.

The former neighborhood association president, Doug Williams, says the community has been working to slow down drivers along Memorial Drive for years.

"It’s heartbreaking. For those of us that have been working to slow down Memorial – this is what we’ve been afraid of all along," Williams said.

Those in the neighborhood hope that the tragic incident prompts leaders to install more pedestrian crosswalks, add additional street lights, and slow down the overall speed limit along the roadway.

Atlanta Police say they are still investigating the details surrounding the accident. They say the driver of the vehicle did stay on scene, and that no charges are pending.