AUGUSTA, Ga. — A 12-year old boy died Monday night after he was accidentally electrocuted by a fence.

It happened at a football practice at the Fleming Athletic Complex Oct. 15 in Augusta.

Authorities said Melquan Robinson went to retrieve a football when he climbed a nearby fence and was electrocuted.

The problem was the chain link fence should not have been charged with electricity.

Two other children tried to help Melquan and were also injured; one is hospitalized in the ICU. Both were taken to the hospital and are now recovering.

A spokesperson with Georgia Power told NBC affiliate WAGT their equipment near the fence did not malfunction and they are working with city officials to determine how it happened.

In a statement to 11Alive, the company expressed their condolences and sympathies and said their equipment is not responsible.

"Our preliminary investigation indicates that Georgia Power does not control or maintain the voltage that energized the fence at the complex. We will continue to work with local officials on their investigation.”

All activities and events scheduled at the complex were canceled. Games for the remainder of the season will be moved to another facility.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is investigating, as are Augusta City officials and the Parks and Recreation Department.


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