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2 companies awarded medical cannabis 'grow' licenses asked to pause production

Attorneys are saying the approval system is flawed.

ATLANTA — A judge ruled on Friday that the two companies that issued marijuana grow licenses late last month must halt production. 

Nearly 70 companies applied for the licenses, but only two were awarded. Critics called it unfair to other qualified applicants. 

Lawmakers tried to pass legislation earlier this year that would have allowed more grow licenses -- but none of the bills passed.

"So they're saying there are potential issues here, issues that courts need to look at, issues about the way that process went forward to determine whether it was properly done and before that full judicial review process is completed," Jake Evans, Atlanta lawyer said. "You cannot go out and execute on those licenses."

He said the decision-making process is flawed. Evans said the fight to get more companies licensed will continue -- and the end goal is to make sure it's a fair process. 

Georgia legalized certain medical marijuana products seven years ago -- and the legal battle is still playing out in the courts.

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