ATLANTA — Three people were arrested, Sunday, after a massive crowd of dirt bikes and ATVs took over Atlanta's busy streets, police say.

Video shows the bikes - some of them popping wheelies - zipping down Jackson Street alongside cars near Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward.

11Alive reached out to Atlanta Police, who confirmed that they were aware of the illegal rides and added extra resources to the areas the riders were in. However, police said they did not pursue the vehicles with their patrol cars, which they said was typical in situations like this.

"Our first priority is public safety," a statement from an APD spokesperson said. "Efforts were being made to reduce the chances of motorists, pedestrians or these illegal riders being involved in an accident and injured."

Police said they choose not to pursue the vehicles because they often run from police, weave between vehicles, drive on sidewalks and go off-road to try and escape. Police said it often creates even more dangerous situations. 

"We do take these violations seriously and have strategies in place to capture and arrest riders and impound their vehicles," APD added. 

They did just that in Sunday's case, arresting three riders and seizing three ATVs and one dirt bike. But police warn more may be on the way.

"Arrests will be made when the opportunity to do so in a safe manner presents itself," police said. 

The trend is nothing new. For the last several summers, the riders take to the streets, with police making some arrests. 

In 2015, multiple riders were arrested near Old Fourth Ward. In 2017, riders did it again - this time sparking councilmembers to amend the city code and call for the off-road vehicles to get their own space.

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And last summer was no different - police arrested 11 people in a joint effort with the Georgia State Patrol to crack down on the illegal rides.