GREENSBORO, N.C. — Update: Greensboro police confirm that Ahlora Shanti-Sample Lindiment has been safely located and has been reunited with her family. Police say they are still searching for the suspect. Police say a woman called the tip line saying they found a small child in front of a church at 719 Dillard Street. Police then responded and took the child, who turned out to be Ahlora, to the hospital. Police say Ahlora is doing well and didn't have any apparent injuries.   

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"The suspect is still at large and we would ask the community to continue to help us," said Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott, "The obvious thing we need to do here is find this individual determine what was the motive, what were the issues, and take our appropriate action up to and including any charges."

The chief says law enforcement will work through the night to continue their investigation.

"We obviously want to try to find this individual and get them off the streets so we don’t have a similar issue to occur," said Scott.

Scott says taking what officers have heard from witnesses, police believe the suspects intent was to take a child.

He says the community along with Ahlora's family, is just happy she's safe. 

"Quite frankly, a lot of people have been praying and prayers have been answered so thank you all," he said.

Previous: A $2,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to finding 3-year-old, Ahlora Lindiment who was abducted from a playground.

On Thursday, Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott made an emotional plea to the community for information to find her.

“We’ve got to work as a community to bring this child home,” said Chief Scott.

Greensboro Police said more than 100 officers are working to find Ahlora who was reported missing Wednesday night by her mother. Police said she was abducted while playing at a playground at the Claremont Courts Apartment Complex on Patio Place near Phillips Avenue in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Investigators said along with Greensboro Police, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office, Greensboro Fire, Guilford EMS, and the FBI are working to bring Ahlora home.

Chief Scott, said, “Unfortunately, this moved from a missing child to an abducted child investigation,” within the hours she was reported missing.

Investigators have now named a woman seen in a surveillance photo near the Claremont Courts Apartment’s playground as a suspect in the case.

Abduction Suspect photo
Greensboro Police want to question a woman captured in a surveillance photo who could have information about the abduction of Ahlora Lindiment.
Greensboro Police

“She is the key. We must locate her,” said Chief Scott.

He also said, “She was acting very suspicious while interacting with adults and children at the playground.”

Police said there is surveillance video but the photo is the best image of the suspect. They also said they have not released the video at this time.

Later Thursday night, police released new photos of the suspect seen shopping. 

Amber Alert Suspect Photos
Greensboro police release new amber alert suspect photos
WFMY News 2

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Investigators have searched every vacant business and apartment within a mile radius of where Ahlora was abducted.

The FBI’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment team is also helping in the search.

“She is Greensboro’s little girl,” said Chief Scott while talking about every effort to bring her home.

“Every minute this child is not with us, she’s in danger.”

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Missing child posters are being sent to almost every business in the state.

“I’m asking the businesses in Greensboro to print that flyer and make it visible. Let’s put this in every place we can and share it on social media,” said Chief Scott.

Police said they also plan to re-interview witnesses and that their officers are being very vigilant.

However, he said the community is vital for giving them the information they need to find Ahlora.

“My plea to you as the community is to help us. Anything that you may know or that you think happened to report it.”


The missing child, Ahlora Lindiment, is described as 2' tall, weighs 40 pounds and has brown eyes and black hair. She was last seen wearing a short sleeve pink t-shirt, black jeans, and possibly white sandals.

missing child
Ahlora Lindiment
WFMY News 2


Police said her abductor is described as a black woman in her 20's who is about 5'6" tall and weighs about 135 pounds. She is believed to have her hair in a ponytail. She was last seen wearing a short sleeve black crop top with black pants with tiger print faces on them, a yellow stripe on one leg and a white stripe on the other, dark flip flops, and a gold chain.

Ahlora Lindiment
Police release photo of woman who could have information about missing 3-year-old Ahlora Lindiment
Greensboro Police


The Greensboro Police Department has created a special tip line, call 336-574-4035 with any information that you have that could help them with their search to bring Ahlora home.

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