A 4-year-old girl struck by a car as she walked to school has passed away.

DeKalb County Police said Lun Thang was walking with her mother, San Lun Niang, and her 6-year-old sister on a crosswalk at North Indian Creek Dr. and North Indian Creek Way around 6:45 a.m. when a driver lost control and hit the girl.

The driver hit an embankment and stopped for a moment, but then continued to drive away, police said. The child was transported to a nearby hospital, where she later passed away, according to DeKalb County Police.

The child's uncle, who speaks Burmese, asked for prayers.

"Our community is very sad right now," he said.

The crossing guard who normally works that particular crosswalk doesn't usually arrive until 7 a.m. -- about 15 minutes after the accident happened.

Reena Atkins, who lives in Clarkston, says that there needs to be more of a police presence in that area around the school.

"Yeah, I had an incident yesterday. My car almost flipped over because the car was driving almost 50, 60 miles an hour on a local street. Which is, it's not good. I mean, they have a lot of crossing guards here but that really doesn't help. They still need a lot of police presence for something like this not to happen. I know there's been two incidents where two kids have gotten hit here in Clarkston, also. On the street, yes. This street is very busy. Especially during before school starts and after school starts."

There are no confirmed suspects at this and the only description of the car that police were able to confirm was that it was 'dark-colored'.

Authorities do believe speed was a factor in the accident.

Police are asking for anyone who may have seen a dark-colored Toyota or Honda with front-end damage to please contact DeKalb PD. If you have any other information regarding this incident, please contact them.