It’s “Blackout Wednesday,” Atlanta.

The day when many people get hammered drunk before they spend quality time with friends and family on Thanksgiving.

It’s also a day when many cities report higher DUI’s and hospitalizations due to drinking.

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) says more people are killed during the Thanksgiving holiday than Christmas.

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So, if you plan on participating in “Blackout Wednesday” this year, be sure to take Uber, Lyft or invite your tee-totaling aunt out so she can drive.

In either case, here are five great beer bars in the Atlanta area to enjoy spending time with friends or family you don’t get to see often.

Hop Alley Brewpub - Alpharetta


They brew their own beer, have a great back patio and delicious food as well. I’ve enjoyed the duck confit sandwich more than once. Their house beers are not to be missed, but they also have a good guest beer/ rotating draft list.

The Porter - Little 5 Points

The Porter has consistently been written up as one of the go-to places in Atlanta for craft beer geeks. They have hundreds of beers from all corners of the world. Their food is good, as well. The goat cheese fritters are a specialty. If you want something more than beer, their whiskey selection is impressive.

The Wing Café - Marietta

It’s like Homecoming week when you come into this neighborhood watering hole during Thanksgiving week. The Wing may look like an average wing joint, but it’s extensive beer list makes it a cut above the rest.

Ormsby’s - Westside Atlanta

Ormsby’s on Westside not only has a huge selection of craft beer and liquor but it’s like an indoor playground for adults. It has bocce courts, darts and shuffleboard.

Roux on Canton - Roswell

Anywhere on Canton Street will be hopping tonight. Roswell has recently changed its liquor laws so that open containers are legal on the Canton Street corridor. A lot of restaurants and bars set up service stations outside in case you can’t get in to enjoy a beverage. Put your name on the list at Roux on Canton because it’s worth the wait. The Cajun food and selection of local, and national, craft beers is great. They have a full bar as well, for your non-beer loving friends.