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911 video call system implemented in metro Atlanta county | First in the nation

This could become the new face of 911.

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. — Fayette County is the first in the nation to try out a new technology that would allow you to make a 911 video call in an emergency.

This could become the new face of 911.

On Wednesday, the county had a “soft launch” of the technology. They’re activating the new technology called Carbyne in baby steps, so the public can get used to it. Wednesday's soft launch was version C-lite.

Starting Wednesday, whenever you see or have an emergency in Fayette County and don’t know where you are, or maybe you’re in a sensitive situation where you can’t speak, dispatch will send a link to your phone.

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It pops up in a text. Once you click the link and accept, they’ll have access to your location and the camera on your phone so they can see and hear the scene in real time.

If you can’t talk, you can text information to the dispatchers over the video stream.

They’re hoping to roll out the full software at the beginning of the new year. When they do, everything will be powered by an app you can download on your smartphone.

In the full version of Carbyne, you can call 911 through the app and as soon as the call connects, the video will start recording.

When the app launches, you’ll also be able to put in helpful information like emergency contacts of people who will be alerted as soon as you make a 911 call. It also has a place to input medical and health information.

All of this will be right at the fingertips of dispatch who can then tell EMS, police, or firefighters more details about a scene so they know what to expect.

They recommend putting the app right next to your contacts app, so it’s easy to find in an emergency. To use this new system, you must have a smartphone. As of now, it only covers the Fayette County area.

For more information, you can visit their website.