This Christmas holds some extra meaning for one Macon woman.

Debora Chambless says it is the first time in years she has felt well enough to enjoy Christmas, and she says it is all thanks to organs she received from a child.

Every Sunday, Bill Chambless says he and his wife Debora make it to church.

“She was going to be in church no matter how sick she got,” said Bill.

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But one Sunday in March, Bill says Debora's condition -- nonalcoholic steatohepatitis -- got worse and her failing liver and kidney left her unable to leave the house.

“After breakfast she said, 'I just don't feel like going to church today,'” said Bill.

It was a decision that would change their lives.

“I said, 'Okay I'll change,' and went outside and started splitting firewood,” said Bill.

Just around the time church starts, Bill says he came inside and heard his phone ring.

“She said, 'This is so and so from Piedmont. We have an offer,'” recalled Bill.

Their prayers were answered. They found a match for Debora from a little boy.

“Without him I wouldn't be here,” said Debora.

Debora calls it an act of love. She says between the boy's parents deciding to donate his organs and the Lord's blessing, she got a second chance.

“Oh I wouldn't have been... I probably wouldn't have lasted past my birthday in April,” said Debora.

It's a miracle that Bill says gave him his best friend back.

“The greatest blessing for me, of course, is that I have my wife back,” said Bill.

Now, Debora is able to play with her three grandchildren -- a blessing the two say they want to use to help others.

“If her story can provide any help in the way of hope or inspiration to someone else, that's our message,” said Bill.

It is a message of giving to a supportive family, steadfast faith and the life of one little boy.

The organ donation company does not let people contact the donor's family for seven months after the transplant.

All the Chambless' know now is that the organs came from a boy. They said they do intend to reach out to the donor family after the holidays.

Click here to learn how you can become an organ donor.