LILBURN, Ga. -- Officials with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources confirm that an alligator has been spotted in a pond in Lilburn, Ga.

According to Robin Hill of Georgia DNR, the gator, which is about 5-feet long, is in a private pond.

Neighbors to the pond said they had to do a double-take.

"We thought it was a turtle, but it was an alligator looking at us instead," said Janice Compton.

Hill said that DNR officials will consult with Gwinnett County authorities to determine the next step. But Compton said in the last 24 hours, the gator hasn't done much.

"He seems to be a pretty good neighbor," Compton told 11Alive's Kaitlyn Ross. "He's not making any demands on us, so we're leaving him alone."

This isn't the first time gators have made themselves at home in the metro-area. Earlier this month, a gator that had been spotted along the Chattahoochee River since 2007 was captured and relocated due to safety concerns.

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Officials don't yet know how exactly the gator made its way into the pond, but Compton says the pond is near the Yellow River, a possible course for the reptile.

The DNR will consult with Gwinnett County for the next steps, but for now Compton says the gator's making himself comfortable.