COVINGTON, Ga. — Today, the Covington community gathered to say good-bye to a beloved leader.

Almond Turner was the former Covington assistant police chief, a deacon and a Newton County School Board member. He was killed at a family gathering in Meridian, Mississippi last weekend, allegedly by his nephew

He was considered a pillar of his community, and his tragic death has shocked and saddened people around Newton County. He leaves behind his wife, three kids and several grandchildren. 

People who knew him, knew him as a man of integrity, a man who loved to laugh, a mediator and a collaborator. 

"Just all of those words that you think a Superman would be." 

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Though Turner's loss leaves a gaping hole in the community, those who knew him say "his strength and leadership will guide us through these dark days that we’re facing."

Turner was honored during a funeral service at Springfield Baptist Church, Monday.

Re-watch the funeral services below: 


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