ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A Honey Baked Ham employee in the accounts payable department was arrested for allegedly writing fake repair invoices and pocketing the cash.

Jennifer Savino, 40, allegedly wrote invoices and billed a fake company for cleaning services.

Investigators found she wrote five checks worth over $16,000 to a company for “hood cleaning.” Honey Baked Ham did an internal investigation after noticing the high charges. A company investigator seized Savino’s computer and found a fake W2 for a woman who was issued the checks.

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According to police, Savino told the Honey Baked Ham investigator that she created the invoices and issued the payments to fuel a painkiller habit. Savino said she was sending the checks to a friend in Florida, who would cash them and split the money with her.

Savino recanted her confession after she was fired from the company.