ALPHARETTA, Ga. — The Alpharetta Police Department has launched an internal investigation after a controversial traffic stop.

On Thursday, the department posted a 17-minute video of an encounter between two of its officers and a woman during a May 4 traffic stop. In it you can see the incident go from a run-of-the-mill traffic stop, to one that ended with six officers trying to restrain a woman.

In the beginning of the traffic stop, you can hear the first officer calmly explain to the driver, Rose Campbell, that he pulled her over because she swerved from the right lane into the other when making a left hand turn. He takes her license and walks back to his patrol vehicle.

From about 3 minutes until about 9 minutes, nothing happens, as the officer works in his car. At one point, the woman opens her driver door and pokes her head out, seeming to ask the officer something. He shouts for her to "stay inside the car," and she closes the door.

After a few more minutes, the officer walks back to the driver's side of the door with a citation for "failure to maintain lane." That's when the Campbell states "I need your supervisor."

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The officer tells her that he could call the supervisor or give her his information. She asks for him to call for the supervisor, and he does. He then continues explaining the citation and trying to get her to sign the document. The tones of both change, and eventually the officer asks Campbell to step outside her vehicle.

He requests for her to step out of the car a few more times, before he suddenly swings open the driver's door. She tells the officer she is waiting for the supervisor. They go back and for for several more minutes, and Campbell eventually relents and signs the paperwork. Afterward, it appears Campbell moves to close the door while the officer is still standing there. He shoves it back open, and then demands for her to "get out of the car."

In the next moment, the officer reaches inside the car, and Campbell can be heard shouting "You are in violation of my rights!"

The driver continues shouting," You need to wait for your supervisor!" which the officer can be seen pulling on her arm. They continue going back and forth like that in a stalemate for a few more moments, with the officer at one point telling her that she's under arrest.

A second officer got to the scene, and immediately runs up to the situation. Both struggle to pull her out of the car.

A third officer on scene walks over to the drivers side and then yells at Campbell, "Hey! You're not in charge! Shut the **** up and get out of the car!"

Campbell asks, "Who you talking to?"

"You," the officer shouts back.

While the officers continue to try to get her to be cooperative, the third officer lunges at her hands and a struggle ensues.

Two more officers walk up to to the scene, while the officers try to restrain Campbell through her screams. The video ends with offices escorting her to the patrol car, all the while she continues to ask for a supervisor.

Rose Campbell_1525997318020.png.jpg

In a video statement, Alpharetta's Public Safety Chief John Robinson explained he had "major concerns" about the way the incident unfolded.

"I recently reviewed a video of a traffic stop that took place here in Alpharetta last weekend," said Robinson. "As I was watching the video I had some major concerns about what I was seeing. there are aspects of this video... that simply do not represent who we are as an organization."

As such, Robinson continued, the department would be conducting an internal investigation into the officers' conduct. (Click here to hear police's response.)

Robinson said the department released the video in a display of transparency.

"We strive to be a transparent department," Robinson said. "If we are going to be 100 percent transparent, that means we must also be willing to share with you any major concerns that arise regarding employee performance and behavior."

"Once a detailed investigation is complete, I can assure you there will be a decisive and appropriate outcome in that organization," Robinson concludes.

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