The National Parks pass website is overwhelmed with requests from seniors who want to buy the lifetime pass for $10 before the price increases to $80 August 28.

Instead of buying the pass online, older people are encouraged to buy it at one of the parks instead. That's because it could take up to six weeks to receive the pass through the mail. Here is a list of the National Parks that the pass will get you into.

Flagstaff resident Larry Soderblom bought the $10 lifetime pass a few years ago and says he is glad he did.

"We have enjoyed it at the Grand Canyon, Zion, Cedar Breaks," he said. "It's really come in handy."

"The lifetime pass can also be used at many state parks, including parts of Oak Creek and the Sedona area, so we've used it a lot," he said.

Those who are 62 years of age and older can use it their entire lives. Most entry fees at individual national parks are around $25-$35, so over time the card saves you a lot of money. The card hasn't increased in cost since 1994.

The additional revenue will be used to enhance parks and make necessary repairs needed. The fee increase was approved by Congress in 2016. That same legislation also approved a senior annual pass for $20.