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Athens man in custody after mooning officers while on top of parking booth

"You want to see my ****, don't you?" the suspect said, to which the officer replied, "I really don't."

ATHENS, Ga. - A man is in custody after he allegedly threatened police and climbed on top of a toll both, removed most of his clothes and mooned officers.

Demetrious Foust, 27, was arrested on charges of public indecency, terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and simple battery among others.

According to the arrest report, police responded to calls about an unruly person at the Athens Multimodel Transportation Center at 10 a.m. Sunday. Employees threatened to call the police if he didn't leave, but Foust allegedly threatened he would attack police if they came.

When officers did arrive, witnesses told them that Foust was screaming and yelling at passersby, threatening to kill himself.

The suspect had already left the bus station when officers arrived but, soon after, they received a call from the Clarke County Courthouse about a man outside banging on the windows. Arriving police found Foust had used his shirt to tie the front doors of the courthouse shut, according to the report.

Foust then proceeded down Hancock Avenue where he gave officers the finger, according to Officer Epifanio Rodriguez with Athens-Clarke County police.

Attempting to take the man into custody, an officer told Foust to sit on the curb. Instead, he jumped on top of a concrete barrier and then on top of a parking attendant station, where he started to take various items out of his pockets and throw them at officers.

"He performed some rather impressive acrobatic feats and ended up on top of a blue tarp-like cover above the attendant station," according to the incident report.

According to the report, Foust then started to take off his pants and when officers asked why he was doing this, he replied, "You want to see my d***, don't you?" To which the officer replied, "I really don't."

After making several other lewd gestures toward police, Foust allegedly took out a Chapstick, bit off a piece and then threw the rest at them.

"He enthusiastically bent over, reached behind him with both hands, and spread his butt cheeks apart, exposing a level of human anatomy not normally visible outside very specific medical applications," according to the incident report.

Foust repeatedly exposed himself to both police and numerous people in the area.

"Throughout our time interacting with him, he repeatedly exposed his rear and genitals ... at the general public, which were out in numbers as it was a beautiful April Sunday in downtown Athens and was around lunch time and when churches let out."

Police eventually arrested Foust about 45 minutes later.