ATHENS-CLARK COUNTY, Ga. -- Police are still on the hunt for a group of men who were caught on video violently beating up another man in Athens over the weekend.

Video of the attack ended up on Snapchat, showing two of the suspects' faces clearly after they appeared to repeatedly punch Cade Lackey in the face.

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"I just know I went black," the 20-year-old told 11Alive.

11Alive's Ron Jones traveled to Athens to speak with Cade and his father Jimmy, who relived that violent night.

Cade said he remembers getting into an argument with someone near the corner of East Broad Street and College Avenue Friday night -- then, nothing.

"I don't remember getting punched one time," the 20-year-old said.

According to a police report, filed on Saturday afternoon, Cade woke up and allegedly didn't remember what happened, until his friend filled him in and he saw his battered face. He looked in the mirror, and saw his black eye. "I was like -- What happened?"

black eye_1510595107992.jpg
Facial injuries sustained during weekend fight. 

Cade said he didn't know the men or why they attacked him, and police didn't indicate what might have happened before the fight. Regardless, Cade said it was an aggressive display of violence.

"It would have been different if it was, like, me fighting one dude. But, six guys? What are you trying to prove," he asked.

Cade's father Jimmy told 11Alive Athens-Clarke County Police are working to ID the two people seen in the video in order to speak with them.

Two of the suspects from the video that police are looking to identify. 
Two of the suspects from the video that police are looking to identify. 

As for Jimmy, he had one message for those accused of beating up his son: "You know in your heart this isn't right," he said. "You know it's not right, and I don't see how you sit there and look at yourself in the mirror knowing that you did this to somebody. I don't get that."

If anyone has information on the incident, they're asked to call Athens-Clarke County Police or Crime Stoppers at ‚Äč706-705-4775.