ATHENS, Ga. -- A family is terrified after three men kicked in their back door and forced them on floor - but nothing was taken.

Athens-Clarke Police were called to a home on Old West Broad street around 11:45 Thursday night for a burglary call. When they arrived they spoke with one of the victims who told them he heard male voices coming from the back of the home and someone trying to kicking in the back door.

He told police the door was kicked several times before he went over and turned the doorknob. As he turned the knob, someone kicked the door again and it opened. Three black males entered the home; one was armed with a gun and the other a taser.

The resident told police, his girlfriend, and a small child were also in the home during the invasion, but he didn`t think anything was taken and no one was hurt. His girlfriend told police they made her lie down on the floor.

The intruders are described as follows: Male #1 was a thin, light-skinned black male with reddish colored facial hair, wearing a blue hoodie, and carrying a silver gun, Male #2 was a heavyset black male wearing a blue hoodie, blue sweat style pants and was armed with a taser. Male #3 was simply described as a black male. Male #2 went through the bedroom, "flipping the bed."

If you have any information regarding this crime contact Detective Scott Black at or 706-613-3330 ext. 798.