ATHENS, Ga. – A student discovered a loaded handgun while at a bus stop on the University of Georgia’s campus early Sunday morning.

UGA campus police were called to the Myers Quad bus stop on Sanford Drive near the intersection of Soule Street around 2:40 a.m. for an abandoned handgun.

The student told police when he arrived at the bus stop he noticed the gun lying in an elevated brick planter. As soon as he discovered it he alerted police. While waiting for police, he noticed nearby people but indicated that no one attempted to collect the gun.

Police said the gun was a Glock 43 handgun and while there was no ammunition loaded into the chamber, there were six hollow-point bullets loaded into the magazine.

The police report stated the gun was in a location that was “inevitably going to be found and in a manner no reasonable person would leave it.”

Leaving the gun where it was, intentionally or unintentionally, recklessly endangered the safety of anyone who would come across it, according to the report.

UGA police are investigating the ownership and circumstances surrounding the gun’s location in a school safety zone.