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Man allegedly posing as an Uber driver arrested on rape charges

Emerson Redd has been charged in one woman's assault and may be a suspect in another.
Emerson Reed Image Athens Clarke County Police

ATHENS, Ga. -- Police have arrested a man suspected of assaulting a woman while posing as an Uber driver.

Emerson Redd was arrested early Saturday morning when police recognized him from a series of photos, as well from a traffic stop the night before.

The first attack came around 3 am Friday morning, when police said Redd picked up a female passenger while pretending to be an Uber driver. The victim soon realized he was not an Uber driver and asked to be let out of the car, but was raped before being released by the driver.

The suspect was only identified as a black male.

Around 6 am on Friday, a second victim reported a similar incident to police. She said the driver touched "her private parts," according to police, before she was able to escape. The second victim also gave police four photographs she took of the suspect while in the car.

The photos were then distributed to police, and an officer recognized Redd from a traffic stop she conducted the night before, when she pulled over a Chrysler Pacifica for having no headlights on.

The same officer noticed the vehicle around 1:30 Saturday morning and pulled Redd over. Police said Redd agreed to speak to detectives and afterward was charged with rape against the first victim.