ATHENS, Ga. - Police recently arrested a woman after she allegedly met with an unsuspecting victim, slept with him and had two male accomplices zip tie the victim’s hands and rob him of his possessions in February of 2016.

On February 15, 2016, officers were dispatched to the 400 block of North Billups Street in Athens, Ga.

When the officer arrived to the location, he met with the complainant who said the victim had come knocking on her door, looking for help.

The officer observed the victim and could tell he had been “in some type of altercation.” The victim’s right eye was swollen shut and he had marks on his wrist that led the officer to believe they were tied.

After being transported to the hospital, followed by the officer, the victim continued to tell the officer that he had met a black female, now identified as 24-year-old Nicole Jolita Reeves, on the dating app Tinder.

They decided to meet at the Travel Inn located on 898 West Broad Street. After having intercourse with Reeves, the victim told police that two men burst out of the bathroom and began hitting him.

The two male suspects got the victim on the floor and proceeded to zip tie his wrists. They placed duct tape over the victim’s mouth and beat him further.

One of the male suspects then took the victim’s wallet which contained his debit card and asked him for the PIN number. The suspect then left to withdraw money from an ATM.

Once the suspect returned, both male suspects locked the victim in the trunk of his own car and left him there for the remainder of the night.

The victim then recalls the suspects opening the trunk in the morning to release him and then ran off.

The male suspects are described as being black, 20 to 21-years-old, one of them was about 6’0” and the other was about 5’10.” Both had a skinny frame.