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Looking for love? You're in the right place, Atlanta is America's best city for singles

A survey by a consumer research website ranks Atlanta as the best city in the US for singles.

Heartsick? Lonely? Come to Atlanta!

According to a review by the consumer research website WalletHub, Atlanta is the single-best city in America for singles.

The site's research took into account things like recreation and nightlife availability, how cheap social activities are and how the single population profiles.

Atlanta ranked third in "Dating Opportunities" and sixth in "Fun & Recreation," helping propel it to the top of the list.

In particular, "Dating Opportunities" weighed categories like share of single population, online dating opportunities and "most active Tinder users."

"Fun & Recreation" accounted for factors like restaurants per capita and nightlife options per capita.

Atlanta's not very cheap - the city ranked just 134th in "Economics" for the survey - but that didn't stop it from taking top spot.

The rest of the top five cities included Denver, San Francisco, San Diego and Portland, Ore. 

If you live elsewhere in Georgia, you definitely may want to consider moving to Atlanta: No other city in the state ranked in the top-100, with August (110) the next-highest. 

"Singles should look for a city which has a thriving social scene for two reasons," said Aditi Paul, a communications professor at Pace University. "First, when two strangers who have met on an app are trying to get to know one another, just having a conversation can put a lot of stress on the acquaintanceship process. Therefore, centering the date around a social activity can act as a buffer and alleviates the stress on both parties."

"Second, if you are choosing a city that has a handful of bars and you frequent the same bars with different dates, things might get a little awkwardm" she added.


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