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Mayor Bottoms: Atlanta Police officers will receive 30 percent pay increase by 2021

The pay raise averages out to an extra $10,000 per officer each year, until 2021.
Credit: Padgett, Lauren
Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced a new commitment to bring police officers up to competitive salaries by 2021.

ATLANTA -- Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced Monday that Atlanta Police officers will receive a 30 percent pay increase by 2021.

"This is a solution to longstanding issues in a meaningful, fiscally responsible way," Bottoms said.

By 2019, the city of Atlanta will invest an additional $10 million toward compensation for patrolling police and senior officers. By July 2019, the city will fully bring patrolling police and senior police officers to a competitive benchmark.

This averages a pay raise of about $10,000 per officer per year until 2021, dependent on rank. Bottoms prioritized an increase in police salaries 3.1 percent in her first budget.

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Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields said this will raise the starting pay for officers -- from about $40,000 per year to $50,000 per year. Recruits with bachelor degrees will see a starting pay of about $42,800 up to $52,800 per year.

By July 2019, Mayor Bottoms said both police and senior officer ranks will reach a competitive benchmark for salaries. In 2020 and 2021, the department will receive an addition $11 million every year.

The overall 30 percent pay increase for officers will go into effect by 2021 and Bottoms said the city will reevaluate public safety pay raises every two years, to make sure the city remains competitive.

"We want our officers to know, you are valued, and you are valuable," Bottoms said.

Shields thanked Bottoms for "being willing to listen."

Bottoms said the move to boost public safety will help keep Atlanta "competitive and attractive" for new businesses, including Amazon and Starbucks.

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