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Police preparing for protests against Atlanta public safety training site

The preparations are in play after a tweet from the Defend the Atlanta Forest contained a planned "week of action," starting on Saturday.

ATLANTA — Officials with Atlanta Police said they are preparing for the Defend the Atlanta Forest's "week of action."

This move from the group comes after an Atlanta Police patrol car was set on fire during a downtown protest in January, while was protesting the death of forest defender, Manuel Esteban Paez Teran. He was shot dead by police earlier in 2023. Officials said the activist also fired back at the officer.

Officers were clearing the site to continue construction on the proposed public safety training center when the shooting happened. 

According to police, the group has been heavily involved in planned protests after the shooting. The group has planned at least four protests for the upcoming week. 

The events also includes a music festival, canvassing and other community events with the protests. 

Their week of action starts Saturday.

APD issued the following statement in regards to the "week of action":

"The Atlanta Police Department is aware of these events, and we will continue to monitor them.  We stand ready to respond to demonstrations to ensure the safety of those in our communities and those exercising their first amendment right, or to address illegal activity, should the need arise."

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