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A look at how metro Atlanta school districts are working to keep students safe

All middle and high schools in the district have the new technology called "Evolv." Here's how it works.

ATLANTA — The same weapons detection system used at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is now being used in most Atlanta Public Schools. 

All middle and high schools in the district have the new technology called "Evolv." It was in action Tuesday at Maynard Jackson High School. 

It allows schools to screen large groups of students quickly allowing them to enter immediately when they arrive – preventing a bottleneck at school entrances. 

"It's a huge difference. It's night and day. It takes like two seconds to get through and get to class. It really helps with being on time," said Elizabeth Millman, a senior at Maynard Jackson High. 

The system uses advanced sensors and artificial intelligence technology to let students walk right through.

"It looks for weapons, threats and items of interest. As people walk through the system without stopping, if there's a potential item on somebody, the system alerts," Evolv technology co-founder Anil R. Chitkara said. 

Other school districts are also implementing better school security. Here's how local districts are protecting their students. 

Gwinnett County Public Schools

Since the beginning of the school year, Gwinnett County Public Schools installed 65 security vestibules; roughly 14 are fully operational, according to the school district. 

Security vestibules are secured spaces with two or more sets of doors that only allow visitors access to one space within the building. They limit and regulate entrances, allowing for efficient screening of people entering a building.

Gwinnett, the biggest school district in Georgia, now has 97 sworn officers. That's up at tad bit from the 92 they had when the academic year started. 

The district's Raptor system, which tracks sex offenders, is now operational. The system allows each school building to screen all adult visitors against the National Sex Offender Registry and establishes a consistent sign-in process across the district.

Gwinnett Schools has also implemented a new user-friendly tip line.

Fulton County Schools 

Fulton County Schools reports numerous additions to their district-wide safety program. 

Measures include additional security and alarms to monitor schools. According to officials, alarms exist on all external school building doors across the district.

Wearable badges with panic buttons -- that deliver the location of those using them and alert law enforcement and first responders -- are currently being installed for school staff and administrators. 

A spokesperson for the district said Flock Safety cameras are installed on all school properties to detect license plates of stolen cars or those belonging to owners who are banned from FCS school property. 

The district said they are also working on establishing more partnerships with police in local municipalities and look forward to purchasing more police cars.

DeKalb County School District

DeKalb County Schools, See Something, Say Something campaign is currently in place for students to notify school staff and school resource officers if they suspect an unsafe situation or a weapon on school grounds.

The district has grown its security staff by adding 22 more school resource officers and 30 more Campus Security Supervisors.

Police officers in the district also receive ALERRT training for active shooter situations and "Crisis Intervention Training" to recognize students, staff, or parents that may need help, the school district reports. 

More counselors, psychologists, social workers and nurses have also been added to the school district.

Cobb County School District

The Cobb County School District Police Department features a total of 70 highly trained officers, according to the school district's website.

An anonymous tip line allows students and staff to submit information over possible threats. 

Wearable badges, known as the CrisisAlert badge, are available for school staff and allow them to call for help in emergencies with a push of a button. 

"The safety of Cobb students and staff is our top priority. Learn how we keep students and staff safe by visiting Cobb Shield," a spokesperson from the district said.

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