ATLANTA -- While Atlanta's crime rate has generally declined over the last decade, the city's murder rate rose 32 percent during a four year period this decade. And that data shows the city's murder rate in the first half of 2016 exceeded that of Chicago.

The FBI compiles semi-annual crime data. The first half of 2016 is the latest available to compare different cities.

In Atlanta the number of murders bottomed out in 2013, when police reported 84 murders in the city limits. But murders climbed since then. In 2016, the city reported 111 murders, a jump of 32 percent.

The good news is that Atlanta crime stats in 2017 show a sharp drop in murders so far, compared to the same period in 2016.

An 11Alive poll issued this week shows that crime concerns top the concerns of voters planning to choose an new Atlanta mayor in the 2017 election.

"Atlanta should not be tenth in murders. Chicago is 14," said state Sen. Vincent Fort, a candidate for mayor, referring to the latest FBI data.

He says the stats paint a bleak picture of crime in Atlanta. He pointed out to us FBI data that shows that per one hundred thousand residents – Atlanta’s murder rate was actually higher than Chicago’s.

The FBI’s data confirms Fort’s assertion. In Chicago the first half of 2016, Chicago had 11.6 murders per hundred thousand people. Atlanta had 12.3 murders per hundred thousand.

Chicago’s crime has been notorious, with President Trump tweeting about sending in federal agents to help quell the city’s violence.

"When people talk about big cities and crime and murder, unfortunately Atlanta is outpacing, per capita, Chicago in the number of murders. That’s not acceptable," Fort said.

Fresher comparative FBI data is due in September.

This story was updated to include 2017 data.