ATLANTA -- A man was shot in the leg Saturday night at a local park that was hosting a back to school event.

The shooting happened on Coan Park's basketball court on Woodbine Avenue as an event called Zone 6 Day was ending.

Police have detained a person of interest in the case. The victim is in stable condition. Police said another person received minor injuries.

About 300 people were initially expected at the event, but the crowd swelled to more than 2,000. Police said they expected the larger group, and had already deployed additional manpower.

This article initially said the event was hosted by rapper 21 Savage. However, he promoted and reportedly performed at the event. On his Instagram page, 21 Savage talked about how important Zone 6 day was for him.

He said "First annual. put a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears into this..."

Before the event started, he encouraged any of his 8.4 million followers who were in Atlanta to come out to the event.

"Bring the kids, you know everything we do is for the kids. We want to make the kids happy. The kids come first at all times. Everybody pull up, let's have a good time. Eat good, laugh good, have fun man we got to bring that old Atlanta back."