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'Be Kind to Everyone' campaign, shop continues to thrive years later

It’s much more about a feeling and the deeper reason that brings Jordyn Moore and her family to The Shirt Shop every day.

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — To fully appreciate potential, you must look beyond what most people see. That is true for a warehouse in Forsyth and all that is happening inside.

There is a small sign on the door that many might miss. It reads, “Be Kind to Everyone.” It is the phrase behind a success story that isn’t really about a mountain of products piled high in boxes and the busyness to fill orders constantly coming in.

It’s much more about a feeling and the deeper reason that brings Jordyn Moore and her family to The Shirt Shop every day.

“The energy is vibrant every day,” Ben Moore said.

His daughter Jordyn danced across the room. 

“Watch this,” she said smiling. 

There is no place Jordyn would rather be.

“I love it this much!” she exclaimed as she spread her arms to her side.

She is the reason it exists at all.

“It is what we dreamt of, but thought the goal was so far out of reach,” her mom Jackie Moore said.

It is something big and beautiful born from uncertainty and worry. 

Over the bustle and noise of the warehouse, Jordyn exclaims, “I did a good job today!” 

She has, and she’d done a lot. It’s significant for a young woman who struggled to do anything independently until a few years ago. Jordyn has autism. Her parents knew the end of high school would be the end of important support and purpose. 

“There are very few opportunities for individuals with disabilities once they become adults,” Jackie said. “We knew that, and it was keeping us up at night.”

Jackie and Ben came up with a plan and a T-shirt design. 

“We started in our basement,” Jackie said. “Our goal was to sell 40 shirts.”

They planned to teach Jordyn job and life skills through the process. She would learn to fold a shirt, sort items, and package them.

11Alive first visited the Moore family four months into the project. Their movement was already taking off around the country. Their message of kindness and believing in someone’s potential resonated.

Four years later, the momentum and impact are still growing. Jordyn smiled and called out across the warehouse.

“Cheryl Preheim is back I’m so excited!” she said. 

It never ceases to amaze her mom. 

“It’s crazy how this started as a little idea in our basement,” Jackie said. 

They now work in a 6,000 square foot warehouse and it will soon double.

“It has changed every aspect of her life,” Jackie said. “It has given her a job; but her confidence went up, her verbal language has exploded, and she is just happy.”

Jordyn leads the way. She’s grown from the teenager learning to fold a single shirt, to the young woman no one can keep up with. Her younger brother, Hudson loves to watch her work. 

“She is fast, and she is really good,” Jacke said. 

It’s so far beyond any potential and possibilities they could see, for Jordyn and for others. 

Jordyn recently graduated from South Forsyth High School. She now works full-time in the Shirt Shop.

“We’ve also been able to hire others with disabilities,” Jackie said they also love sharing their journey with other parents. “We’re able to take what we’ve learned and help teach others has been neat.”

They’ve launched a new tool to share that message: a podcast.  It’s significant for a girl who didn’t say a word until she was 6 years old. Jordyn is talkative, expressive and eager to share about the project that has changed her life. 

“I love the shirt shop!” she said.

Her reach is growing by the day. She has an enormous following on TikTok and other social media platforms. She’s a celebrity because of it. Jordyn gets recognized from restaurants in Atlanta to Main Street at Disney. 

Her mom said it is huge in the world of disability where often people notice what someone can’t do. And Jordyn is being recognized for her success, for her ability, and the joy she’s bringing others in the process.

“Suddenly she is recognized about what she is doing well,” Jackie said. “So often, in the world of disability, so often people notice and point out what they can’t do.” 

It’s helping people all over the world see and appreciate: potential.

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